Inseparable direction – Russian problem

Why our problem is inseparable? Because in Poland, we didn’t understand the direct threat and created a falls enemy in Russia. Our countries were in the neighborhood for many centuries. We fought with Russian and robber their country and they do the same thought. But it is not a reason, not serious for all, especially for rich capitalism and corporations. Albeit for poor people too.

In Poland, we have too many stereotypes about Russian people. When something is wrong, we don’t look for a better option and said: ‘It is Russia’, ‘Putin’s guilty’ or ‘Stalin's work camp’, ‘hunger in Ukraine’ – and more like this, though we like ‘Tsar punish’, ‘Russian devil”. We do this and losing a great friend and partners on East aboard. Where are we looking? In the USA. But, we are the one or maybe only one soldier's partners who didn’t have an American free departure and must get a special visa and try fly to the USA. It is not a serious situation.
Our trade doesn’t have better because we still losing the market for our goods. And for what? – Nothing. Dammit, no one could be so stupid. But it is not really that. Complicated relations it is not the way. The crisis will never end if politicians and stupid people had a board on eyes.
Maybe Russia is not a perfect country but perfect country exist in our minds and ideas, not in the real world. Real, we must buy and sell to concentrate a capital and do some investing when we want to expand. If we thought real we should understand that East countries have only cushy business for Russia and Poland complicated that.
What we do the best in Poland? We don't have used our chance and explain everything like a Russian guilty. In the same time, the Russian Federation expand trade, including Poland. Who losing? Polish people. In the past, we have closed our factory and state farm – PGR. Rubber sold every social property and destroyed hard work many gens. In 1945 the second world war is ended. Polish stay in self-legs thanks to Russian soldiers and their leader, Joseph Stalin. Maybe Anne Applebaum has different sentence but many people said wrong about Russia and another paid for gossips.
Primarily, everyone has the right to self-opinion but is only opinion and suggestion, nonobjective as we glad to know that someone brings knowledge closer.
In Poland politicians hunting for communistic agents and leader of government whisper about Russian guilty and polish tragedy, because Russia is Patria of world communism. It is a bad idea. Communism saved Europe and world fought with fascism and human killed and destroyed in the crematory camps chimney.
Josef Stalin decided to divide Deutsch military aggressive fascism structures and gave the polish people Masuria district – now it is voivodship. People live here but now departure to West more richest countries, because in Poland we have had unemployed when closed state farm and state factories. Why? Because ‘brightly enlightened’ wanted ‘toilet paper’ and ‘had enough vinegar on store shelves’. Amazing slogans, but it the truth. Unstoppable "brightly enlightened' still walking.


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