What we deserve?

The opportunity of life is much stranger than stability. Every human has a reason to be in abnormal condition and really famous man who lives on Earth, need a better perspective for self and self-mind.
If we want to do something we thought about it and listened to the wrong people who like we are doesn't have the power to will see the future. If we didn't try we never expect from the self-positive reaction.

What we deserve?

If we have a partner and we are in a complicated relationship we don't have much to say because we think that our life is a part of a time and across our cut life to be self and have not to much power to realize from this disgusting locality. The partnership is not the legacy one of person. The partnership is a challenge to give, gave and given. When we have had an argument, it is not a reason to end but if someone crushed and hulk our body or soul - we deserve for better. Never complicate your life. It is your own life, not another person. Maybe you are too weak, but you will be weak ever and forever if you don't stop yours abused. Yes, of course. You are abuser your own destruction. It is still a possibility to change. Release your monster and keep the light from your mind. Childhood is not another reason to stay close to the monster. It is not a Freud theory. It is life. Your own law to be a human. Remember who you are and where are you come from.
We think about the self. Maybe not too much but sometimes we have a miracle mind from streaming and then we could explain many things. When we used bentgrass, we have a simple situation. We used and leaves disappear from the ground. When we used a cutter to short a hedgehog we will have a good view in our garden.
When we used dangerous goods and didn't read a label maybe we lose our eyes or destruct our skin.
It is a simple example but in simple things we have all created.
If someone wants to try to explain something in difficult words, probably he or she really do not know what said or wanted destruction your position or stability.
Our life is very simple. Our needs are very simple too. The feeling is very simple.  We are very simple. We know in every time what we must to do. When we don't know it is a sign that someone distractions changing our natural mind.
People deserve for life, light, and love. We thought that is not a possibility when we were young. We waited for a prince on a white horse. We waited for a prince with a gold lip of the vulva. We wanted to play our tongue with someone mouths.
It was good. Youth have had own laws. Life having own laws it will be more colored and expressive to stay and keep a day to better.
When we were adults and we ended 18 years old, we could do everything. Shall we do that thing one more else time in our life if we will have a chance to do it?
According to us, we are the great creatures. We have eyes, ears, mouths, skin, hands, brains, and our dreams. Every animal has dreams like we.
We know that is so useful that we destruction life in a slaughterhouse. We never listened to screaming life. We cut a body and eaten brain and muscle. Do we still deserve for immortal?
Someone destruction our life, we had our sorrow and many tears from our eyes flued. Why is more important than another life? Why someone higher will have bad opinion and humanity will be destroyed? Because we never respect life. Never in our condition. We are human. We using our legs, foots to walking. We still want walking like another creature from planet Earth.
If we never stop and change, we will be the last. Time will be the last.

On the end I have some normal suggestions:

1. Our life is not a miracle it is a process.
2. Our planet having a more compared to Almighty from the light in Abyss.
3. Angel is not a slave.
4. The Creator is not only one powerful creature.
5. Life exists on many planets.
6. We have more than one worlds.
7. What we do, that will be.
8. What we wanted, we had.
9. Natural life is more important then academy.
10. Knowledge with the title is a step to slaving.
11. Poison is on every product on Earth.
12. They have had a case and you know something, you will be destructed inside of your mind.
13. Walking is more important than philosophy.
14. Philosophy created a reason.
15. Walking gave a human another place to view.
16. The tiny red point will create energy, and you realize yourself.
17. Cage is not open because we don't remember.


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